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9th Class Roll Number Slip Larkana Board Introduction

The students can obtain their 9th Class Roll Number Slip from the Larkana Board here. The Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education (BISE) Larkana holds a prominent position in the educational realm of Sindh, Pakistan. As students eagerly prepare for the challenges of the 9th class board examinations, the roll number slip issued by the Larkana Board becomes an indispensable document for their success. In this article, we will delve into the significance of the 9th Class Roll Number Slip and provide guidance to students on how to efficiently acquire it. To access the slip, students may also log in directly at

The Significance Of 9th Class Roll Number Slip Larkana Board

The 9th Class Roll Number Slip holds far more significance than a simple sheet of paper; it stands as the gateway to success. This pivotal document encompasses vital information including the student’s name, photograph, examination center particulars, subject-wise exam dates, and a distinct roll number. Devoid of this slip, students are barred from accessing the examination halls, thus forfeiting the chance to demonstrate their academic capabilities and accomplishments.

Obtaining The 9th Class Roll Number Slip Larkana Board

To facilitate the smooth acquisition of the 9th Class Roll Number Slip from the Larkana Board, students are advised to adhere to these essential steps:

  1. Stay Informed and Coordinate with School Authorities: It is crucial for students to stay informed about the schedule for roll number slip distribution. Affiliated schools usually receive these slips several weeks before the onset of the 9th class examinations. Maintaining regular communication with school authorities will ensure students are aware of the exact date and time for collecting the roll number slips.
  2. Visit the School Examination Office: On the designated distribution date, students should promptly visit their school’s examination office or any specified location where roll number slips are being disbursed. It is imperative to carry all necessary documents, such as the registration form or school identification card, to facilitate the process smoothly.
  3. Verify the Details Closely: Upon receiving the roll number slip, students must meticulously examine all provided information. Carefully scrutinizing the accuracy of their name, photograph, examination center details, and subject-wise exam dates is essential. If any discrepancies or errors are detected, immediate reporting to school authorities will facilitate timely rectification.
  4. Handle with Care: Recognizing the roll number slip as a valuable document, students should handle it with utmost care. Avoiding any form of damage, folding, or mutilation is crucial, as even minor tampering could lead to complications during the examination process.
  5. Keep Backup Copies: As a precautionary measure, it is advisable for students to create photocopies of the roll number slip and store them separately. Maintaining backup copies ensures students have a safety net in case the original slip is misplaced or lost.

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