Prize Bond Draw Result 2023

Prize Bond Draw Result 2023 and its schedule is available as under.



CITYDraw Result
Rs. 75016 January 2023
KarachiDownload Result
Rs. 150015 February 2023
WednesdayQuettaDownload Result
Rs. 10015 February 2023
WednesdayRawalpindiDownload Result
Rs. 40,00010 March 2023
MultanDownload Result
Rs. 25,00010 March 2023
HyderabadDownload Result
Rs. 20015 March 2023
WednesdayFaisalabadDownload Result
Rs. 75017 April 2023
MondayPeshawarDownload Result
Rs. 150015 May 2023
MondayLahoreDownload Result
Rs. 10015 May 2023
MondayMultanDownload Result
Rs. 40,00012 June 2023
MondayMuzaffarabadDownload Result
Rs. 25,00012 June 2023
MondayFaisalabadDownload Result
Rs. 20015 June 2023
Rs. 75017 July 2023
Rs. 150015 August 2023
TuesdayPeshawarDownload Result
Rs. 10015 August 2023
TuesdayKarachiDownload PDF
Rs. 40,00011 September 2023
MondayQuettaDownload PDF
Rs. 25,00011 September 2023
MondaySialkotDownload PDF
Rs. 20015 September 2023
FridayHyderabadDownload PDF
Rs. 75016 October 2023
MondayMuzaffarabadDownload PDF
Rs. 150015 November 2023
Rs. 10015 November 2023
WednesdayLahoreDownload PDF
Rs. 40,00011 December 2023
MondayKarachi Download
Rs. 25,00011 December 2023
Rs. 20015 December 2023
FridayMultanDownload PDF

Prize Bond Draw Schedule, 2023

Prize Bond Draw Result 2023 provide the information of draw results.The National Savings Prize Bond Scheme, initiated in 1960, aims to raise funds from the public at lower interest rates and distribute cash prizes through fortunate draws. These bonds do not yield any interest or profit. There are no restrictions on the number of prize bonds one can purchase. In Pakistan, only authorized banks such as National Bank of Pakistan, Allied Bank, United Bank Limited, MCB, and Bank Alfalah offer prize bonds. Those interested in investing can conveniently check their prize bond online. The National Prize Bond is considered an investment, with bearer-type securities available in denominations of Rs 200, Rs 750, Rs 15,000, and Rs 40,000, respectively.

Prize Bond Draw Result 2023

Prize Bond Draw Result 2023 is the scheme by the government of Pakistan.Prize Bond Draw Result 2023 have different values and have different award.Prize Bond Draw Result 2023 in Pakistan are a popular investment option and form of financial security. Introduced in 1960, the National Savings Prize Bond Scheme allows the government to borrow funds from the public at relatively low interest rates. What makes prize bonds intriguing is that they offer the opportunity to win cash prizes through regular lucky draws. These draws take place four times a year, creating anticipation and excitement among bondholders. The prize bond system does not provide any interest or profit on the invested amount, but the allure lies in the possibility of winning substantial prizes. Authorized banks, such as National Bank of Pakistan, Allied Bank, United Bank Limited, MCB, and Bank Alfalah, are entrusted with issuing and managing prize bonds. They offer different denominations, including Rs 200, Rs 750, Rs 15,000, and Rs 40,000, catering to various investment preferences. Aspiring investors can also conveniently check the results of prize bond draws online, adding convenience and accessibility to the process. Prize bonds have become a popular investment avenue in Pakistan, combining the elements of investment and the thrill of potential winnings.

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